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First Aid

Well-Stocked First-Aid Kits

Be Prepared for Work-Related and At-Home Accidents

A fully-stocked first-aid kit is an absolute must in the workplace. Prevent a small scrape from becoming a big problem with the right supplies at the right time. Purchase the right first-aid kit from Armor Fire Extinguisher Company. 

High-Quality First-Aid Kits

The Prostat First Aid Line provides a wide variety of first-aid materials and associated products to you. This may include first-aid kits, first-aid cabinets, adhesive bandages, tapes, wraps, gauze, eye care, and antiseptics and sprays.

Rely on Us for On-Site Refills of Our Kits and More

We offer both on-sight refills of company first-aid kits and cabinets and mail order refills! There is no minimum charge, so make sure you are stocked up on the essentials you need when you need them.
First aid kits, opened for display

Get in Touch With Us Today

For up-to-date pricing on our first-aid kit and supplies, call 209-547-1937 or stop by our store at 132 W Oak St in Stockton. We'll be happy to find the products you need to adhere to your building code and provide everyone peace of mind!
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